From CMS to SCM

MeetHyde aims to shorten the barriers for passing from the “Content Management System era into a “Simple Content Management era.

The short:

MeetHyde provides a simple web interface for you to manage the content of any Jekyll powered website hosted on GitHub. How you build your site is up to you, it doesn't interfere with your code and you dont even need to touch the beautiful console, the app connects to your GitHub account and tracks all of your repositories which contains a website.

MeetHyde allows you to create and edit pages/posts in a beautiful manner using the Markdown editor with instant preview. Other files like includes and layouts can be created and edited with a full fledged Html editor.

The built in image manager allows you to upload single or multiple images at the time and you can continue working while the images are being uploaded. Organize your images into folders and browse them visually. Ohh did we mention that all changes are automatically synced with GitHub?.

So long MeetHyde is a personal and open source project . It's on a very early stage and more is to come so stay tunned. If you wish to learn how to use it go to the Docs or simply Download it from GitHub and start playing with it.

The little longer:

Web development should, and it is in fact coming back to its origins where websites are built as simple collections of linked files. Truth is, in these days of modern web technologies the vast majority of websites doesn't need a database nor even a CMS to make simple changes to its contents.

The “recent” raise of Static Site Generators allows developers to focus on creating beautiful and functional websites without worring about learning complex systems and tweaking their designs with messy code just to meet the requirements of certain system for the website to work.

Technologies like Jekyll and GitHub Pages makes it even easier for developers. With Jekyll you can easily build blog aware static sites, create reusable bits of code, and add out of the box functionality to your pages. GitHub takes away the hassle of configuring web servers and buying and scale hosting, because websites are published for free!! And not only that, all your changes are saved in a history so you can go back in time at any time, much better than professional backup right? So what else could a developer ask for?.

Ohh Right!! An easier way to edit the website... Although the amazing benefits these technologies provides, adoption isn't being as smooth and fast as it should, mainly because of a lack on tools that allow easy updates for the less tech savvy users.

So this is where MeetHyde comes in handy, because if it's a beauty for developers, it shouldn't be a beast for end users.